The Bumpskey Show

The Bumpskey Show
​18 Years Broadcasting Independent Music (1st Show Sept 26, 2000)

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The Bumpskey Show

After over 17 years of doing The Bumpskey Show as a live radio broadcast we are now offering the show as a TV show.
We hope you enjoy it.

​​The Latest Episode                 Episode 18

This episode includes, Lia Pappas-Kemps, Ali Handal, Emiko, CC Coletti, Dorothy, The Beaches, Lake Street Dive, and Fanny Walked The Earth. A lot of great music in this episode.

 Episode 17

Taking a look at the indie music festival BestFest coming up on April 21, 2018. The show includes four bands from the festival and other great indie artists. The artists that you will see on this episode are: Connie Han, Shawnee Houlihan, In The Presence Of Wolves, Kid Felix, Distorted Sun, Oriah, and Aaron Watson. I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode 16

This Bumpskey Show is packed with music. Artists include Abbey Glover, Maggie Aldridge, blue number nine, Lucy May, Jamie Grace, Orla Gartland, Bill McGarvey, Halocene, Joshua Van Ness, Sumo Cyco and The On Fires. A great mix of new and classic music. Also Scottso drops in for some news. Peace

Episode 15

This show includes music from Nick Clemons, Pat McGee Band, CC Coletti Band, Indie, Gwen And The Good Thing, The Beaches, and Hideaway. Also Scottso is back with all the news you need to know. Peace

​​ Episode 14

This episode includes music from John Sheehan, The Blaire Reinhard Band,
Gilli Moon, Melissa Mullins, Dave Haywood, Nick Clemons, Lou Pallo, CC
Coletti, and others. Check it out and spread the word.

​Episode 13

The last Bumpskey Show of 2017. Includes Dave Haywood, Kid Felix, Distorted Sun, Resilient, Cori Yarckin, LWJ, Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles, Iridesense, and CC Coletti. 

Episode 12

The Bumpskey Show welcomes Lone Wolf James as they kick off their tour to raise money and awareness for people who suffer with Autism. The show includes live performances, interviews, and of course a dash of Scottso News.
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Episode 11

This episode features music from Shelly Bhushan, Edible Red, Million Billion, Distorted Sun, Iridesense, Gate 18, Michelle Vecchione, Lone Wolf James, and Dave Haywood. It also has some Scottso News sprinkled in. 

Episode 10

On this episode we explore some of the live performances that have happened at Bumpskey. You will hear from the bands blue number nine, Five Year Jacket, Lone Wolf James, David Newbould, and Dave Haywood. Also don't forget to check out our own brand of news so you will be well informed.

Episode 9

This episode includes a unique mix of independent music. Also don't forget about our own brand of news. Peace.

Episode 8

This episode includes music from the bands MMM?, The Buddha Brains, Seven13, Last Tribe NYC, and Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles. Top that off with our special brand of Scottso News and you have a full show.
The Bumpskey Show